Best of the Free Stock Trading Platforms

commission free tradingSo, you want to buy and sell stocks but don’t want to pay those expensive fees time and time again.

You’re in luck, there are free stock trading platforms that trade with no commission fees. That can be really huge. I’m sure you already know that though or else you wouldn’t be here.

We have compared the best free stock trading platforms in a way that is easy to understand so you can decide for yourself which one is right for you.

You will also be taken inside of each of these platforms so you can see what each platform has to offer. Now, where else will you get this kind of behind-the-scenes look!

You may have heard about one of or two of these services before but I doubt you’ve heard about all of them. I will show you what makes each service good and what I think they can improve on.


Robinhood Logo

Most people in the United States have heard about Robinhood by now. They offer free stock, ETF, and options trades and have started to introduce Cryptocurrency as well. They are probably the fastest-growing stock investment brokerage in the United States due to their easy to use app and accessibility.

What Separates Them from the Rest?

robinhood app

  • Robinhood allows you to trade Stocks, ETFs, Options, and Cryptocurrencies. Most free brokerages only allow you to trade ETFs and Stocks.

If you are interested in trading Options or Cryptos, this is the best bet as of now for free trading.

  • Robinhood also allows you up to $1000 in instant transfers. This means that instead of waiting 3-5 days for funds to settle when you make a deposit, the second you authorize the transaction, Robinhood will let you start trading your deposit (up to $1000) instantly.

This is a huge benefit. When I want to buy into a stock, I usually want to do it right away. If I make a deposit that afternoon, I will be able to make that trade instantly instead of waiting days!

  • Lastly, Robinhood allows you to trade after hours. Most brokerages only allow you to trade during the normal market hours of 9:30 am to 4:00 pm EST. With Robinhood extended hours, you can trade during the pre-market time frame which starts at 9:00 pm EST and after-hours up to 6:00 pm EST.

Where are they available?

Currently, Robinhood is only available in the United States.

What Do They Provide?

You can trade stocks, ETFs, options, and cryptos with no commission fees. There is also the ability to do research to help you decide which securities to trade but the research is pretty limited. Anytime I want to do research a trade on Robinhood,

I generally do my research on a third party site like and then I go back and make the trade on Robinhood.

In addition to their normal service, they offer a service known as Robinhood Gold. Robinhood Gold is their premium service. With it, you get access to a margin account that allows you to trade with money that isn’t yours. The benefit is that without making a deposit, you can invest more money.

robinhood gold services

Does this mean it’s riskier? Of course! You’re basically borrowing money to invest. If your investments go up in value, you keep the difference. If the value goes down, you owe Robinhood what is lost.

In addition to margin trading, you can have larger instant deposits. Instead of only being limited to $1000 instant deposits, you can double this by upgrading to their 1st Gold Tier which costs $6/month. There are higher tiers as well.

Inside Robinhood

Pros and Cons


  • Free Commission Trading on Stocks, Options, ETFs and Cryptos
  • Instant Trading up to $1000 with the free Robinhood Instant Account
  • Extended Hours of Trading (2 1/2 hours of extra trading that most investors don’t have access to)
  • Easy to use App geared towards the beginner investor


  • Limited research capability
  • Can’t buy/sell mutual funds
  • Only available in the United States

Unique Offer

If you join Robinhood, you will get a free share of a stock valued between $2.50 – $200. Also, any time you refer a friend to Robinhood, you will each get a free stock!

Join Here and Get a Free Stock!

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Webull Logo

Webull started out as a stock market research app designed to help investors research potential stocks. Now they are a brokerage competing with Robinhood. They offer zero-commission trading and give margin accounts with a 3.99% finance charge.

What Separates Them from the Rest?

  • Webull ScreenshotWebull allows the use of a margin account for 6.99%. The percentage lowers based on the account balance. Large brokerages like TD Ameritrade charge around 9.50%. This alone is a good reason to use Webull if you want to open a margin account.
  • Webull is the only commission-free service that I know which allows you to “short” stocks.

Shorting stocks means you can sell shares of stock that you don’t own yet and buy them back at a later time. People will do this when they believe bad news is about to occur and they want to make money based on a stock’s value decreasing.

Shorting a stock is a more advanced type of trading.

  • Webull also offers the most versatile suite for analyzing and researching stocks as far as a discount brokerage is concerned.

Where are They Available?

Currently, Webull is available in
the United States and outlying territories, India, Malaysia,
The Philippines, Japan, and Korea. They are growing every year though.

What Do They Provide?

Since they started out as a stock research app, they have an incredible suite of research and analytic tools used to choose stocks and track investments.

Webull research and analyticsVirtual (paper) trading is built right into the app so you can try stock strategies without the consequence of using real money. If you’re not sure if a trade would be good or not but think you’ve identified a winning trade, try it with paper trading in the app and see if you had been right with the security of not using real money.

You can use smart alerts to let you know when a stock moves or triggers a property that you’ve been tracking like P/E ratio, volume or price. Another feature is analyst ratings so you can see what the general sentiment is for the stock you are tracking.

Use Webull’s incredible screening feature to identify stocks that meet a very specific set of properties that you are trying to narrow down.

For example, do you want stocks with a volume greater than 1,000,000 shares, a P/E ratio between 5-15 and that offer 3% dividends each year? Enter those criteria with only a few hand gestures and hit save. The list will populate with stocks that meet your criteria.

Webull offers low margin pricing for margin accounts as mentioned above as well.

Inside Webull!

Pros and Cons

Pros:guy trading on his phone

  • Commission Free Trading
  • 3.99-6.99% margin accounts
  • Now, minimum deposits
  • An incredible suite of research and analytic software
  • Great news feed for industry news
  • The ability to “short sell” stocks
  • Extended hours are permitted for trading
  • Available in more countries than Robinhood


  • Only allows stock and ETF trading
  • It relies heavily on the mobile interface. The web-based interface is limited (although they have a desktop app.)
  • Now, instant buying power. They do have a provisional buying power after the transfer but it can take between 30minutes to a full day to execute.

Unique Offer:

If you join Webull, you’ll get a free stock valued between $3 – $300 without even having to fund the account. That means just for signing up, you’ll have a stock.

If you fund your account with $100 within 30 days, you’ll get a second free stock which is valued between $4 – $1000.

It’s hard to beat two free stocks. Most brokerages give you nothing for free. For those that do offer an incentive, it’s usually only one free stock of lesser value.

Join Webull and Get a Free Stock between $3 and $300 Today!

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Public (Formally known as Matador)


This is the newest of the commission-free stock trading services I am reviewing today. It is only available on iOS currently but an app for Android is in development and you can be put on the notification list by signing up on their website.

What Separates Them from the Rest?

  • Matador brings a social element to investing that is completely unique. Imagine Matador like Instagram or Twitter meets Robinhood.
  • You can follow friends and friends can follow you. Also, you can see what the overall Matador community is trading.
  • You can explore stocks by various categories as seen below: (and yes, I need to charge my phone…)

Matador categories

Where are They Available?

Matador is a new service only available in the United States.

What Do They Provide?

Like all services in this post, Matador offers commission-free trading. There is no minimum deposit. You can browse stocks based on popularity in the Matador community or even by popularity among your friends.

You can browse stocks by 50 different categories from various different industries.

Matador offers a feed where all of your activity is posted along with the activity of all friends in your network. Similar to Twitter, you can see various friend’s new stock acquisitions and comment on each other’s statuses.

Inside Public (Formerly Matador)

Pros and ConsMatador Social Media


  • Commission Free Trading
  • Easy to use platform
  • A category system for choosing and researching stocks
  • Social element with community and friends
  • Ability to network with other investors and comment through feeds


  • Only in the United States
  • Currently only available on iOS (Android App in production)
  • It only allows the trading of stocks and ETFs

Unique Offer

Rather than give random shares of stock away, Public gives away a free slice of stock valued up to $50. When you sign up, you can choose from 1 of 9 stocks that you would like to own and Public will gift you the slice of stock.

When I joined, I told two friends about it and within a few days, I had $40 in rewards. I didn’t get the free slice of stock for signing up though because I joined from their site and not through a friend link.

The link below will give you a free slice of stock since you are joining under my invitation link.

Join Public Today and receive a free slice of stock!

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Recap of the Best Free Stock Trading Platforms

investing coinsSo, there you have 3 of the best free stock trading platforms. Hopefully, this review showed you each one and gave you a good idea of what each app has to offer.

You learned what each app provides as well as what the pros and cons are for each platform. You should also see what makes each company unique to help you choose an investing platform that can deliver what’s important to you!

You could even join all 3 as I did. It’s completely up to you.

Robinhood is easy for beginners and offers a very simple platform and offers the most in terms of types of investing.

Webull allows you to “short sell” stocks and provides the best platform for market research and analysis.

Matador allows you to see what’s trending and share your trades with friends so you can learn from each other.

If you know of another trading platform that offers Free Commissions, feel free to comment or contact us and we’ll gladly review it ourselves.

I hope you enjoyed this review. If you did, please leave a comment below. As always, if there is someone you think could benefit from this helpful article, please share it with them!

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  1. I’ve been looking to get away from the trading fees for quite some time now, and this Robinhood option looks like a really great way to cut down the outgoings when trading…

    But I have one question I would like answered before I sign up for their services. In the stock section, how many stocks do they offer to trade with? 

    A lot of these more modern trading platforms only seem to offer the ‘top’ stocks in each sector, meaning we miss out on the smaller opportunities. Do Robin hood offer a lot of stocks to trade with?

  2. Helio I am very interested in buying and selling of stocks but I have always been put off by the high fees. I am keen on Robinhood but sadly it is only available in the U.S. I would like to know what is the next best option of them all.

  3. Nice article there on best of the free stock trading platforms. I must commend you for taking your time to write this review on robinhood and all they have to offer. I have been trading crypto currency for sometimes now and I have been hearing about Robinhood but I never make use of it before because I don’t know it has a wonderful services and offers for there of the things I like about it apart from the free trading fee is the fact that it has instant transfer which is a huge benefit and so many other things 

  4. Firstly I must say I enjoyed your review, for me the stock market is one of the few great ways you can generate great income for yourself. This is why I really commend this article as you have been able to bring to us the easiest and most simple way of getting into the stock market business with little or no risk.

    The first time I tried stock investing was 3 years ago but I had to stop because I was getting nowhere with it.

    If only I came across this type of article then, I’m sure I would be a pro by now. Anyways, nice post…

  5. Making wise investment is a viable means to earn extra income to support our monthly earnings. I have heard about all three platforms you mentioned. However, there are some limitations to people outside the US, hence only webull becomes the only viable option for me. Can I also be a part of we bull from Africa? If not, what do you suggest I do?

    • Webull doesn’t currently offer accounts in Africa. I would do a simple google search for zero commission fee trading in “country” to see if there is a similar company where you live.

  6. Thanks for the review on the best if the free stock trading platform. Your article really informative and unambiguous. I am a newbie in online business and I have always had interest in venturing into stock trading. I found your review to be great especially on Robinhood and Webull. I will would have loved to go into Robinhood stock trading but it’s unfortunate it’s only available in the US. I want to ask if there is any stock trading aside the ones you mentioned that can be accessed in Europe. Thanks. 

    • If you Google, Trading 212, they offer a certain number of commission free trades in the UK. That’s all I know about though. Hope it helps.

  7. I really like how you have provided detailed information on both trading companies, they both seem effective. The fact that Robinhood isn’t available in the UK is quite disappointing, however as you have said they are growing.It seems that they both can help with trading in many different ways and have their own unique opportunities.

  8. “Best of the Free Stock Trading Platforms” is a great article; informative and educative. You have thoroughly done your research as the information contained here are actually true because I look them up one by one you can’t be more exhaustive. It sounds too good to be true to me and I look them up and the result came back positive! Thank you for sharing I have an account with Robinhood as a crypto trader but I discovered that they offer services in other “markets”, my experience with Robinhood is great and I still use them till tomorrow. With Robinhood you can trade during the pre-market time frame which starts at 9:00pm EST and after-hours up to 6pm EST. However, the other ones in the list are no too familiar and I intend to try them out too.

    • Glad to see you’re investing in Cryptos. I have some Cryptocurrencies in other sites. Now that you mentioned it, I’m just going to cash them in and move them to Robinhood. 

  9. This is a useful post for those who are looking for the stock trading platform, you gave these three platforms detailed introduction, and it clear to let me understand which one is what I need. I have a question, is there have any ways to use Robinhood and Matador out of the United States?Looking forward to your answer and thank you for sharing!

    • As of now, Robinhood and Matador are exclusively for the United States. I believe they will slowly branch out as their companies grow. It’s unfortunate but due to the fact that they are so new.

  10. Hey Eric,

    I have to tell you that I don’t have any experience in buying & selling stock, but I want to. I’ve been thinking about it for a while. Do you think joining one of these companies is a good idea for someone like me who has no experience? For some reason, Robinhood got my attention more than the others.

    Do you have any articles about buying & selling stocks for beginners that explains the basics of it?  I am really interested in joining one of the companies, probably Robinhood, but I’m hesitant until I know a little more.

    I look forward to hearing back from you! Thanks!

    Shiloh Griffin

    • Great question, you can check out any of the articles listed under the Basics Tab in the menu at the top of the site. Robinhood has a short and sweet course called Investing 101 that’s provided when you join. I will continue to add content but in the meantime, you may want to see Learn the Basics of the Stock Market.

      Hope you like it!

  11. Thanks for your review of the best free stock trading platforms. I like the features of Robinhood especially the flexibility and instant trading feature.

    However, I would like to be able to short stocks so maybe Webull is more suitable for me. The other attractive feature of Webull is the ability to screen a specific set of properties. One of your pros for this platform mentions minimum deposits. How much is the minimum?


    • If you want to short stocks, Webull requires $2000 invested in order to give you a Margin account necessary to short stocks. If you don’t want to short stocks, you can open an account with any deposit value.

  12. I didn’t believe it initially when a friend told me that there are platforms where I can trade stocks without paying commission fee for trading. The review you provided is exactly what I need. All the three platforms you recommended based on your review are okay. However, based on the numerous pros WeBull Financial has compared to Robinhood and matador, I would very settle with WeBull. Thanks for the unbiased review

    • Like I stated in the article. I started with Robinhood and opened accounts with the others after. Webull does indeed have the most features for trading regular stocks and ETFs. Robinhood’s major advantage is the Options and Crypto trading which I only do sparingly.

  13. Trading or investing in stock is very good ,but trading with commission free stock gives you the leverage that allow you to do more. I like that Robinhood gives money to use and leverage investments. Best of all, I like he commission free trades.

    I have done my research and they also provide so many others benefits.

  14. Hi dear,  I love this article so much,  Its educational!!! 

    Could you teach me how you created the menus and its sub_menu that when you click on the it,  it drops down other sub_MENUS!!  I’ve tried doing it but couldn’t,  I wish to learn it!! 

    Your general site is wow!! Awesome!!! 

  15. Hello,

    Thank you for your insight on the free trading apps. I have been looking into them myself and was nervous about using them rather then going with a large broker. You have definitely made my decision on using the app thank you.


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